Meal Replacement Shakes Aren’t Just A Passing Fad

by ClubBotanical

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With fads like juice cleanses and products like muscle milk and protein shakes, it’s difficult to know what’s just a passing trend and what’s real. I’m here to tell you that meal replacement shakes are here to stay. Weight loss is difficult. It’s easier to gain a pound than it is to lose it. Counting calories is time consuming and gets tedious and annoying after a while, especially if you don’t feel like you’re seeing results. Meal replacement shakes are ideal when it comes to calorie counting, because you already know ahead of time how many you’re consuming and it’s far easier to control your portions. The other fantastic thing about meal replacement shakes is that they contain the necessary nutrients to substitute an entire meal. Further, they’re probably healthier than the regular meals that the average person consumes on a regular basis, anyway.

Meal replacement shakes are ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, whether your career has you going non-stop or you’re taking care of the kids, or just don’t want to make meal prep a priority. Shakes are great for on-the-go, as most also come with their own bottles, like the 310 Shakes do. For people with busy schedules, it’s much more difficult to calorie count and understand how to create balanced, appropriately portioned meals, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Many people end up eating too little and don’t stay full, and then binge when they have a free moment, most likely on sugary foods. Meal replacement shakes are ideal in this regard because you can have them on the go and they contain ingredients that take longer to digest, which make you feel full longer.

The other great thing about meal replacement shakes is that they’re nutritionally balanced. I mentioned earlier that many people don’t eat balanced meals. It can be even harder to do so when you’re trying to lose weight. With less food comes less variety in nutrients. With shakes, your proper nutrition is pre-packaged and ready for you.

A lot of people associate weight loss and dieting with lack of flavor or boring foods. While it’s always a good idea to eat healthy, that doesn’t mean you have to give up flavor or your favorite foods! Mostly everything is ok in moderation, but there are plenty of recipes online that are healthy without sacrificing flavor. Meal replacement shakes are also great in that regard. They actually taste good! I personally love milkshakes but with all that sugar and fat, they’re incredible high in calories and have no nutritional value. Even though these shakes aren’t quite the same since they don’t have sugar or fat, they’re a great alternative. With chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha, you have a really great selection to choose from and you can even mix them if you want to get creative. Instead of sugar, the formula uses extract from the stevia leaf and monk fruit to give the shake its sweetness and unlike many artificial sweeteners or flavor fillers, this formula actually works.

But how do I know meal replacement shakes are actually here to stay? To put it simply, they’re effective. When something works, it sticks around. Many juice cleanses are made up by those who aren’t well-educated in nutrition or weight loss. They may be high in sugar and will certainly leave you feeling hungry. Chances are that the diet will be unsuccessful because of that hunger alone. Meal replacement shakes don’t leave you feeling hungry, which may seem counterintuitive to weight loss, but is much more effective in the long run. They actually fill you up and make you feel full for a while afterwards. It has to do with the appetite suppressant in the formula. Meal replacement shakes are formulated for long term use for successful weight loss, unlike juice cleanses or any other sort of fads, which are intended to help you lose weight but do nothing to help you keep it off.

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